Chemistry Clinical Services 

Mount Sinai’s Chemistry Laboratory combines modern automation with the personal skills of a dedicated team of pathologists, clinical chemists, and technologists. We provide a range of services, including routine testing, STAT testing, Point of Care testing, and specialized tests, and report critical values to providers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Chemistry Reference Guides 

For detailed information on proper sample collection and critical value notification times for all types of tests, please reference the following tables.

Chemistry Tests Offered 

The Chemistry Laboratory conducts the following types of tests. For a complete list of specific tests, please visit the Test Information Library (available only to Mount Sinai employees). 

Routine Testing 

Routine test turnaround time is 3-4 hours. For specific test information on common chemistry panels, including Metabolic Panels (basic and comprehensive), Hepatic Function Panels, ED Abdominal Panels, and Glucose Tolerance, see the Common Chemistry Panels Menu

In order to avoid common errors in sample collection that affect laboratory tests, clinicians should consult our Order of Blood Draw Table as well as our Tube Guide

Additional Testing 

Learn more about our STAT and Point of Care Testing.

Learn more about our Specialized Testing.