STAT and Point of Care Testing

STAT Testing 

For immediate results, STAT testing is offered 24/7. Arterial blood gases are reported within 10 minutes, troponin I is reported within 60 minutes, and all other STAT tests are reported within 90 minutes of receipt in the lab. For a list of specific tests offered, see the STAT Test Menu

In order to avoid common errors in sample collection, please note that:

  • Blood gases must be drawn in heparinized syringes and mixed after collection
  • Lactate (gray top tube) and Ammonia (green top tubes) must arrive on ice
  • BNP (lavender top tube) specimens must be received by the lab within 4 hrs of drawing
  • Troponin I must be sent in a heparinized, green top tube. Troponins >1.0 ng/mL are reflexed to perform CKMB testing.

Point of Care Testing (POCT) 

The Director of Chemistry is responsible for the management of the POCT program and is the Chair of the medical center Point of Care Testing Committee. All additions or deletions of POC tests from the approved list must be authorized by the POCT Committee. Requests to the POCT Committee must be made by the Medical Director/Physician-in-Charge and Clinical Nurse Manager of the requesting site. 

The Point of Care Testing program includes more than 100 glucometers, 22 blood gas analyzers, and 30 urinalysis devices. Glucometers and urinalysis devices requiring replacement may be brought to the STAT Lab (Icahn Building room 8-56) and exchanged for working devices. In addition, blood gas specimens may be sent to the Main lab on Icahn 8(pneumatic tube stations xx and yy) if the POCT analyzers are not functioning properly. 

A list of POCT tests offered and POCT critical values are available. 

Intraoperative PTH analyzer

Intra-operative Parathyroid hormone (PTH) assay: These tests are performed in the operating room, supporting Mount Sinai’s surgical team. To make arrangements, call 849-2554 and ask for the Endocrinology technologist or supervisor, or email the Chemistry Laboratory directors or supervisor (, cc:,