A Note to Patients on Blood Donations 

The Mount Sinai Health System relies entirely on voluntary blood donations from carefully screened voluntary donors. All blood donated for transfusion undergoes extensive testing in compliance with Food and Drug Administration regulations. 

Some patients prefer to donate their own blood for transfusion, as part of the preparation for elective surgery. This is known as autologous blood donation, and we encourage patients to donate their own blood whenever possible. For some patients, autologous blood donation will not be possible, due to their age, medical status or the timing of surgery. In this setting, family members or friends may donate blood for a patient to use, known as directed blood donation. 

If you would like to arrange for autologous or directed blood donations, please speak with your physician. Autologous and directed blood donations can be arranged through the New York Blood Center, which has donor collection centers throughout the metropolitan area. Autologous and directed blood donations require special handling, for which a fee is charged by the Blood Center. At least five working days are needed to test, process, and ship the blood to Mount Sinai. For information on autologous and directed donations or to schedule a donation, please contact 800-439-6876; www.nybloodcenter.org.

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