Located in Room 3-22 of the Atran Berg Laboratory Building, the Li Laboratory is designed for research focused on the electrophysiological aspects of engineered bio-artificial heart cells and tissues. Together with the Costa Laboratory of Cardiac Mechanobiology, which is adjacent to it, it constitutes the Section of Cardiovascular Cell and Tissue Engineering.

The Li Laboratory is equipped with six incubators (four solely dedicated for stem cell culturing, one for culturing recombinant viruses, and one for miscellaneous cultures). It also houses three preparative temperature-controlled centrifuges, a video-monitoring system, two microdissection cages with fluorescent lamps placed in a 5-ft laminar flow hood, as well as two 6-ft tissue culture hoods exclusively for ESC work and one 4-ft hood for miscellaneous cultures.

In addition, the Li Laboratory has two patch-clamp stations with imaging devices, an Ion-Optix setup (for measuring cytosolic Ca2+ and contractility), a high-resolution optical mapping system, a two-electrode voltage-clamp setup, a multi-electrode array (MEA) recording machine.

The Li Lab is self-sufficient in terms of usual bench equipment, such as 2 PCR machines, agarose gel electrophoresis apparatus, digital and Polaroid cameras, UV spectrophotometer, incubators for bacterial culture, incubators for enzyme incubations, speed vacuum dryer, 80 and -20C freezers,and so on), and other standard laboratory supplies. There are 15 computer stations in the lab and each investigator has his or her own. A shared equipment room, an animal surgery room, and a darkroom are immediately adjacent to the main lab.