Research Overview


The recent technologies in the fields of genetics, genomics and proteomics are not always within the reach of our investigators and clinicians. The goal of the LifeScience Technology Lab is to integrate the latest genetics, genomics and proteomics technologies and to provide high quality genomics and proteomics services and technical support to researchers at the Department of Medicine and affiliated research scientists and thus, to promote collaboration between basic and translational research bridging the gap between lab bench and patient care.

Key Terms

GeneProfiler is a server based system that can be used for both Affymetrix GeneChip or standard two-color microarray data analysis. Geneprofiler allows users to import, visualize, interoret and store microarray data in a complete, secure data management environment.

Pathway Assist
Pathway Assist is a desktop software package that enables scientists to build pathways and biological association network using up-to-date information extracted from the scientific literature.

Affymetris GeneChip
The GeneChip® solution consists of oligonucleotide arrays; instruments to process and analyze the arrays; and software tools to manage and mine the data. GeneChip® arrays enable scientists to attain ambitious goals from identifying genetic variation associated with disease to discovering new drup targets.

Chip on Chip
Chip on Chip system allows you to rapidly identify the precise binding sites of specific DNA-binding proreins, such as transcription factors, histons, and polymerases, within large stretches of a target genome. The ChIP array also allows you to look at chromatin remodeling at any desired region of a genome. Simply specify the region of the genome of interest, send sample, and NimbleGen does the rest.