Research Overview

The Neuroanatomy Laboratory, under the direction of William Byne, MD, PhD, examines the relationship between brain structure and function in health and disease, and provides anatomical assistance to a variety of other laboratories conducting postmortem molecular biological studies and in vivo neuroimaging studies in serious mental illness. Primary areas of interest include major mental illnesses, aging, sex differences and gender specific medicine. The laboratory is equipped for routine neurohistology, immunohistochemistry, laser microdissection, and stereology. The Neuroanatomy Laboratory can also access, process, and quantitatively analyze in vivo brain scans. Molecular biological studies of identified cells and brain regions harvested by laser microdissection are carried out with collaborators. Current projects include studies of oligodendrocyte/myelin mRNA gene expression variations with normal aging and mental illness, oligodendrocyte-neuronal- astrocytic interactions, neurofunctional predictors of antipsychotic responsiveness.

Training Opportunities

While there is no formal fellowship organized by the Neuroanatomy Laboratory, Dr. Byne welcomes board eligible psychiatrists interested in serious mental illness to contact him about fellowship opportunities through the VISN3 Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC). Additional opportunities are available through the VA Psychiatric Research/Neurosciences Advanced Fellowship program.

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