Tissue Distribution and Requests

Mount Sinai NIH Brain and Tissue Repository (NBTR) provides brain and other biological specimens to projects on a first-come-first-serve basis by request. The NBTR also collaborates with investigators on specific studies of mutual interest including studies and approaches that require unconventional and non-routine samples and sample preparation techniques.

How Brain Tissue Donation Works and the Neuropathological Assessment

When appropriate, the tissue donation program is described and discussed with the study participants and their representatives. 

Consent for autopsy and brain tissue donation is signed by the legal next of kin of the deceased.

  • The NBTR is notified of death and wish to donate brain tissue by calling 212-807-5541 at any time of the day or night. 
  • NBTR personnel go to the site of death or arrange for the transport of the deceased to the NBTR facilties. 
  • The brain is removed in such a way as to not disturb the physical appearance of the deceased. 
  • The brain tissue is digitally imaged and preserved in the NBTR laboratories in both flash-frozen and fixed form. 
  • The brain is neuropathologically assessed by both macroscopic and microscopic examination. A detailed protocol that expands on the CERAD neuropathology procedures is followed. 
  • Upon completion of the neuropathological examination a clinical neuropathology report is issued and several hundred different neuropathological variables are quantified and stored in a secure and HIPAA compliant electronic database.
  • Once the neuropathological examination is completed the clinical and neuropathological features of each case are discussed in detail in a consensus conference and final clinical and neuropathological diagnosis is issued.

Clinical, Cognitive and Neuropathological Research Data Available

The detailed results of the clinical, cognitive (when available) and neuropathological assessments and neuropsychological autopsies performed are maintained in a secure and encrypted database. These data are available to approved researchers.

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