Overview and Goals

  • The goal of the Proteomics Laboratory is to provide rapid, reliable and reasonably priced protein separation and identification services and technical support to researchers in the biomedical field.
  • While the Proteomics Laboratory is part of the Department of Medicine and its services are available primarily to The Mount Sinai Health System community projects from other institutions are welcomed.


Genomic studies can very rapidly and accurately determine the state of the genome and the nucleic acid flux in selected cells from a cell culture or patient sample. However, genomic studies cannot tell us how much of the mRNA population of the sampled cells is translated into functional protein molecules or whether these proteins are modified after translation for their effective functioning.

Proteomics is the study of the protein complement of cells at the time of sampling. Proteomics studies are vital to the understanding of the way that proteins in cells are modified in different ways for different functions. Proteomic studies also give insight on how proteins interact with each other to form complexes that enable functions not possible by the individual complex members.

There are many different tools that can be used to probe the proteomic profile of cells. The common factor amongst all proteomics techniques is the need to separate proteins of interest from the very large cellular protein complement in order to study these proteins in isolation and to identify them. Proteins alone and especially in combination with other proteins and/or cofactors are large, delicate and complicated mostly requiring customized approaches to isolate especially if biological activity is to be maintained.

We aim to provide a service in which the requirements of the customer can be best met by a collaborative effort on the part of the customer and the Proteomics Laboratory in optimizing the conditions necessary to achieve the goals of the customer.

Note that where this requires repeated runs to optimize conditions, the pricing schedule of the Proteomics Laboratory will be adjusted on an ad hoc basis as part of the collaborative effort to accommodate, as best as possible, the requirements of the work and to advance the scientific effort.