Research Overview

Dr. Roger Hajjar is the Director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute and the Arthur & Janet C. Ross Professor of Medicine at Icahn School of Medicine in New York. Dr. Hajjar’s laboratory concentrates on gene therapy for heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. His team has validated the cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase pump, SERCA2a, as a target in heart failure and developed methodologies for cardiac directed gene transfer that are currently used by investigators worldwide. His laboratory’s efforts are focused on studying the functional consequences of modulating a variety of calcium cycling proteins by gene transfer in failing hearts. In addition, his research team is investigating calcium cycling using genomic, proteomic, molecular imaging, and cellular technologies. The significance of Dr. Hajjar’s research has been recognized with the initiation and recent completion of phase 1 and phase 2 first-in-man clinical trials of SERCA2a gene transfer in patients with advanced heart failure under his guidance.


Weiner Lab's Hajjar Heart Image