Quantitative PCR

The qPCR CoRE provides access to fully automated instruments for Nanostring nCounter analysis, droplet digital PCR, real-time PCR, automated nucleic acid isolation, and robotic pipetting. Our facility offers services involving Nanostring nCounter assays, qPCR assay development, allelic discrimination assays, pyrosequencing, nucleic acid extrac­tions, setting-up qPCR reactions, and data analysis.

Meet Our Team

Venugopalan Nair, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Neurology
Tel: 212-241-5809
Fax: 212-289-4107

Nada Marjanovic
Research Coordinator
Tel: 212-241-6624

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about QPCR CoRE.

A: We have two ABI/Life Technologies 7900HT Real-Time PCR instruments. The instrument is capable of running 384- or 96-well plates and the data can be analyzed using the SDS software (available from the core) installed on a PC. For more information on the instrument, please visit their website.

We have a large collection of validated primers for human, mouse and rat genes. Please contact the core for details.

A: Please use the ‘Custom Project Request’ tab at the qPCR CoRE’s iLab services page and we will contact you to discuss the details.


Input Amounts recommended for Nanostring assays*

Assay Type

Input Amount

Maximum Sample Volume (in dH2O or TE)

mRNA nCounter

100 ng Total RNA

5 μl

mRNA Elements

100 ng Total RNA

13 μl


100 ng Total RNA

3 μl


300 ng purified genomic DNA

7 μl


10 ng unamplified ChIP DNA

3 μl

* The input amounts vary from experiment to experiment. Please consult with the core before submitting your samples.