GU Cancer Biorepository

The Tisch Cancer Institute established the Genitourinary (GU) Cancer Biorepository in 2010 to develop a repository for biomarker development through collection of liquid and tissue specimens from cancer patients at multiple points during their cancer therapy. As of June 2012, 500 patients have been consented to this project.

CLINICAL DATA: All patients with a GU cancer diagnosis irrespective of tissue specimen availability are approached for participation. Patient medical records are reviewed and data points relevant to cancer diagnosis, disease progression, and treatment information are entered into a clinical research database. Updates occur after each clinic visit.

LIQUID SPECIMENS: A blood draw is performed at standard-of-care (SOC) clinic visits and resulting liquid specimens frozen at -80C for future research use.

TISSUE SPECIMENS: If a patient is scheduled for an SOC surgical procedure, research samples are isolated from any excised tissue for both formalin-fixation and freezing at -80C for future research use.

LINKAGE BETWEEN CLINICAL DATA AND SPECIMENS: All collected specimens are recorded in a specimen database which is data-linked to the clinical research database. These clinically annotated specimens are readily available to investigators who wish to do cancer research.

If you are interested in gaining access to our clinically annotated GU cancer specimens, please review and complete the Specimen Request Form below.


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