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Clinical Trials

The Jaffe Food Allergy Institute is performing cutting-edge research in virtually every facet of food-allergic disorders. We are very excited about our clinical trials and have made great progress.

Successful clinical trials require research participation. We are thrilled if you/your child would like to participate. A summary of our ongoing research studies is available in our newsletter [PDF]. Each study is described so that you may determine if you or your child meet initial criteria for enrollment.

You may call our research hotline for more information: 212-241-2000.

Sign up for our research news by e-mailing a request to: foodallergyresearch@mssm.edu.

Clinical trials require substantial funding. We have been fortunate to have NIH support for many of our studies, but philanthropic support is essential to our work. Many opportunities exist for interested donors to contribute toward funding clinical trials. Please visit our philanthropy site to help further our work or call 212-659-8500 to learn more about funding opportunities.

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Jaffe Newsletter
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