Neuropsychological Questions

  • Does drug addiction impair cognitive function?
  • Are there associated personality-emotional changes? If so, to what extent?
  • What are the cognitive-behavioral impairments and emotional changes most characteristic of drug (particularly psychostimulant) addiction?
  • Are there differences between the various classes of drugs of addiction, and within the different stages of addiction (e.g., abstinence, withdrawal), in their effects on psychological functioning?
  • What are the similarities with other non-drug forms of addiction (e.g., gambling, obesity)?
  • What is the neurobiological basis of each of these changes? Are there parallel changes in the underlying neural networks that can be mapped/imaged using fMRI, PET, or ERP?
  • What is the genetic contribution to select brain-behavior measures (e.g., aggression, cue-reactivity, or choice)?
  • How can these dysfunctions be normalized or alleviated and what would be the impact on longer-term outcome?

See our publications for some answers to some of these questions

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