PEHSU Services

The Mount Sinai PEHSU participates in educational, clinical and community activities:

Clinical consultations, referrals and medical management

We evaluate, diagnose, and treat children with diseases of toxic environmental origin.

Evidence-based recommendations

We provide evidence based guidance on children’s environmental health exposures to families, pediatricians, healthcare providers, and government officials.

Education and training

We educate and train students, physicians-in-training, Environmental Pediatricians, pediatric health care providers, parents, community members, governmental agencies, the media, and legislators about children’s environmental health exposures.

Community outreach

We develop lectures for community health fairs, parent meetings and other educational venues.

Collaborate in environmental investigations

We collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies in investigations of community level exposures, providing pediatric environmental health expertise to governmental agencies and serving as a resource that families can turn to for advice about children’s exposure to environmental toxins.