Processing of Monkeys in Bite/Scratch/Splash Exposures

  1. Have the injured individual follow the Mount Sinai Health Center Employee Health policy for Human Exposure to Herpes simiae (Herpes B virus) and identify the offending monkey. Policy is posted in all Nonhuman primate housing areas. A member of the CCMS staff should accompany the injured person to EHS with a copy of the EHS policy.
  2. In all cases the offending Nonhuman primate (NHP) should be examined by a veterinarian for lesions consistent with herpes infection. This includes New World Primates and Baboons.
  3. In the case of New World Primates or Baboons, samples are still collected for submittal to the lab since these animals harbor endemic herpes viruses which could cause disease in immunocompromised individuals.
  4. If a person is injured by a macaque (M. mulatta, M. fascicularis), sustains a needle stick from macaque contaminated needles or splashed in the eye(s)/mucous membranes by fluid from a macaque, cultures must be taken of the oral cavity, urogenital tract and both eyes of the monkey. Acute serum samples are also collected at this time. Swabs and culture media for culturing and viral transport are available in the CCMS diagnostic laboratory x4-1696 and the Bite/Scratch kits in each monkey room.
  5. All samples from the NHP are to be packed in dry ice or ice pak and shipped priority overnight mail via Federal Express to the NIH Virus Resource Laboratory, Atlanta, Georgia.
  6. Virus Resource Laboratory requests that they be informed of all sample shipments prior to shipping 404-651-0808. This number can also be called by individuals having specific questions.
  7. Initiate a clinical record on the offending NHP at the time of processing and place on clinical rounds for observation until the serology and/or culture results are known (approx. 10 days).
  8. Regardless of the acute serology/culture results, convalescent serum samples (14-21 days post-exposure) from the injured person and the NHP are to be sent to NIH Virus Resource Laboratory to check for a titer rise (THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT FOLLOW-UP).