About the Clinical Research Center

The Clinical Research Center includes a number of resources for investigators to undertake clinical research, including nursing support, specimen processing and bionutrition. The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is the hub for conducting clinical and translational research at Icahn School of Medicine. Established in 1963 as a General Clinical Research Center, the current CRU is partially funded from a Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA). The CRU is located on the second floor of 1184 Fifth Avenue in New York City. There are currently more than 130 active protocols under the auspices of the CRU, representing studies in virtually every discipline, institute, and department at Mount Sinai. The CRC/CRU is one of many resources available through the CTSA. For additional information, visit: http://www.mssm.edu/research/institutes/institutes-for-clinical-and-translational-sciences.

We are pleased to offer services to meet the diverse needs of the Mount Sinai research community. Our physical location includes:

  • Private inpatient rooms, large outpatient areas with private rooms and cubicles, a bionutrition kitchen, and amenities such as a lounge with Internet access for research participants, entertainment for children, and work cubicles for research staff
  • Nurse practitioners available to assist with research participant medical evaluations, and nurses who are expert in all aspects of research nursing, specimen collection, participant care and monitoring
  • A research dietitian available to assist in nutritional management
  • An IT specialist for assistance with database creation and management

The CRU also provides temporary specimen and research record storage.

Research Subject Advocates are available to ensure the safe conduct of studies and to provide assistance with education concerning safe and ethical practices. CRU staff also provides educational sessions concerning the use of the resource and conduct of studies, and partners with the PI and individual investigative team to ensure that protocols are undertaken safely and effectively.

Investigators interested in using our resources must submit an application to review by the CRC-Scientific Advisory Committee. After approval, the PI/study team meets with CRU staff to arrange the initiation of the study. In addition to the resources of the CRU, the Clinical Research Center can provide tailored services such as phlebotomy in locations other than the CRU. There are also limited funds available to new investigators to assist in pilot studies.

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