Application Process

Investigators interested in using the CRU resources must complete an application and provide supporting materials such as the research protocol, CV, consent forms etc (described in detail the application). If your study is Industry sponsored, please also submit an Outpatient Costs Worksheet. Applications are pre-reviewed by the administrator and then by the Scientific Advisory Committee. The applicant may be required to respond to additional questions and/or concerns pending approval. Studies are priority scored in the event of the need to triage resources.

Application Submission Deadlines
Please check this link for submission deadlines. Protocols are reviewed on the second Tuesday of each month, and investigators are typically notified within 7 days after the meeting. Review comments are shared with the Program for the Protection of Human Subjects.
-Calculating costs and using the application auto-calculator.

The CRC Scientific Review Committee (CRC-SAC)
The CRC-SAC reviews and approves protocols, sets policies and procedures, and manages resource utilization. Fred Lublin, MD, chairs the CRC-SAC. For additional information and for CRC-SAC members, click HERE.

Funding Your Study
Limited funds are available for laboratory tests and participant compensation. These are awarded, as available, on a case-by-case basis by the Scientific Advisory Committee. Preference is given to junior investigators performing pilot studies with a good possibility for future funding.

Progress Report/Renewals/Revisions
A yearly progress report is required. Any changes in a study must be reviewed prior to implementation. 

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