Contacts and Staff

CRC Research Manager

Christine Hannigan 212-241-6045
fax:   212-241-0667

CRU Nursing Station

Blanca Campos 212-241-6041
fax:   212-426-8313

Administration and Personnel

Scott Sicherer, MD, Program Medical Director 212-241-5548
George Diaz, MD, PhD, Associate Program Director 212-241-0858
Rachel Posner, MPA, Administrative Director 212-241-6046
Margaret Garrett, MSN, FNP, Nurse Manager 212-241-1515
Meg Smirnoff, RN, FNP, MPH Research Subject Advocate 212-241-8373
Amy Pettibone, RD, CDN Bionutrition Research Manager 212-241-5387
James Godbold, PhD, Biostatistician 212-824-7114
Larisa Perman, MCS, Research Informatics Support 212-241-1804


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Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday, 7am until 7pm