Nursing/Inpatient Policies and Procedures

  • A physician with admitting privileges must be a listed investigator and is responsible for the patient during his/her stay.

  • Orders signed and dated by a physician listed on the protocol as a PI or co-investigator are required within 24 hours of admission. Please adhere to list of JCAHO approved and unapproved abbreviations when completing this task. Fellows assuming this role must be listed as investigators and must have current IRB Education on the protection of Human Research Participants and HIPAA training Certificates.

  • All Hospital and JCAHO regulations apply to CRU admissions. Admission note must be charted within 24 hours of admission. The admitting physician/designee must complete medication reconciliation forms on admission and prior to discharge. Additionally, the admitting physician must complete discharge summaries. Patient identification and procedure verification is required before invasive procedures.

  • Subjects may go off premises if PI and patient have signed and dated the proper form – Permission Sheet #14 for Off Premises Activities. However, patients are not permitted to leave the premises with an angiocatheter in place. Pediatric patients may use THE ZONE if the admitting physician has cleared them to do so.

  • All investigational drugs administered at the CRU must be dispensed from the Mount Sinai Health System Pharmacy. Inpatients who are currently taking prescription medications (except Schedule II drugs) should be encouraged to bring their medications in original labeled containers for pharmacy relabeling and administration by our nursing staff.

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