Study Initiation

After approval of the application by the Scientific Advisory Committee, you will receive a letter indicating that the study may commence when approved by the Program for the Protection of Human Subjects.

Initial meeting with staff
You will be requested to contact Margaret Garrett-Herry, MSN, FNP (x41515, email: to arrange an initial meeting to review orders.

Examples of orders and additional instructions are HERE.

You will be requested to attend an in-service. At the in-service, the study team meets with the CRU team to ensure that all of the elements are in place to safely and effectively begin the study. The research team Investigator briefly presents an overview of the rationale, methods and goals of the study, orders are reviewed and any questions entertained. If there are specific materials to review (blood processing kits, etc) these are also reviewed during the in-service. The staff may request that an in-service be repeated if there are study changes or concerns.

Yearly progress report
A yearly progress report is required. For additional information click HERE



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