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The PPHS is available to discuss your project and assist you and your team in complying with humans subjects protections regulations.

Institutional Review Board Members [PDF]

FWA and IRB Registration Information [PDF]

Program for the Protection of Human Subjects Administrative Team

Jeffrey Silverstein, MD, CIP
Executive Director; IRB Chair
Tel: 212-824-8200
E-mail: jeff.silverstein@mssm.edu

Glenn Martin, MD, CIP
Associate Director; IRB Chair
Tel: 212-824-8200
E-mail: glenn.martin@mssm.edu

Lori Jennex, MA, CIP
Associate Director
Director of Operations
Tel: 212-824-8203
E-mail: lori.jennex@mssm.edu

Liz Carroll, BA, CIP
Assistant Director of Regulatory Affairs
Tel: 212-824-8225
E-mail: liz.carroll@mssm.edu

Stacy Chandna, MS, CIP
Assistant Director of Operations
Tel: 212-824-8206
E-mail: stacy.chandna@mssm.edu

Rebecca Banchik, BA, CIP
IRB Manager
Tel: 212-824-8202
E-mail: rebecca.banchik@mssm.edu

Summer Gonzalez, BS, CIP
IRB Manager
Tel: 212-824-8220
E-mail: summer.gonzalez@mssm.edu

IRB Project Analysts

Nadia Andrianov, BS, CIP
IRB Analyst II
Tel: 212-824-8210
E-mail: nadia.andrianov@mssm.edu

Makeda Culley, CCRC
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8232
E-mail: makeda.culley@mssm.edu

David Dalton
IRB Associate
Tel: 212-824-8303
E-mail: david.dalton@mssm.edu

John Roberts, BA, CIP
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8218
E-mail: john.roberts@mssm.edu

Jessica Smilowitz, MPH
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8217
E-mail: jessica.smilowitz@mssm.edu

Jake Sutera, BA
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8214
E-mail: jake.sutera@mssm.edu

Allyson West, BFA
IRB Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8215
E-mail: allyson.west@mssm.edu


William E. Benjamin III, BS
Financial Analyst I
Tel: 212-824-8223
E-mail: william.benjamin@mssm.edu


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Program for the Protection of Human Subjects
Tel: 212-824-8200
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For submissions and general inquiries send e-mail to: IRB@mssm.edu

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