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The Scientific Computing division was created in the fall of 2011 to accelerate scientific discovery at Mount Sinai through the creation of a dedicated computing and data infrastructure. This division included the Research Information Technology and Data Warehouse departments. In the spring of 2012, a new 7,680 core, 30 terabyte supercomputer called Minerva, was deployed to provide the basis for this new infrastructure. This new machine has a high bandwidth, low latency Infiniband interconnect and 1.5 petabytes of storage under a parallel file system. Archival storage, visualization and other services are available.

The new infrastructure was designed, created and managed by an experienced team of scientific computing specialists. The staff partners with scientists and researchers at Sinai to help optimize their applications and workflows so that the infrastructure and scientists' time is used most effectively.

In addition, the staff collaborate on complementary research with both internal and external scientists. Opportunities are available for workforce development.

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Scientific Computing
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