Human Immune Monitoring CORE

The mission of the Human Immune Monitoring CORE (HIMC) is to provide comprehensive immune monitoring services for clinical and translational studies based on the highest standard operating systems. We are a team of experts specialized in immune profiles of disease and analysis of immune testing and response.

Specifically, we provide standardized immune assays including: immune phenotyping, antigen specific T cell assays, CFSE-proliferation, antibody profiling, seromics, Luminex multiplex assay and cytokine detection, in a cost-effective manner. Our state-of-the-art facility offers patient specimen processing and storage using electronic sample management and tracking systems.

The HIMC assists investigators with clinical protocol development, preparation of grant applications for the immunological correlates, and data analysis. In addition, we provide consultation on experimental design and appropriate sample collection for analysis. Our team of researchers offers expert advice for optimal project-specific immunologic assessment and innovative approaches to evaluate immune responses in clinical studies.

As a reminder: For funding purposes, it is important to acknowledge the Human Immune Monitoring CORE in all publications that include data derived from the facility.

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Human Immune Monitoring CORE (HIMC)
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