CEYE Summer Program Applications

The Center for Excellence in Youth Education will be accepting applications for this year’s summer High School Programs from: February 2, 2015 through April 2, 2015 (postmarked).

Summer Programs will run Tuesday, June 30, 2015 through Friday, August 7, 2015.

High School Summer Program Course Descriptions:

Summer Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Must attend a NYC public high school
  • Meet the GPA requirements listed in each course description
  • Identify as a URM (African American, Latino, Native American and Alaskan American) or meet state-determined economic criteria below

Economically Disadvantaged (DA) Eligibility Requirements

  1. Economic Eligibility Criteria (for students who do not identify as African American, Latino, Native American or Alaskan American).

    A student is considered economically disadvantaged if he or she is a member of:

    A household supported by one parent if dependent, by the student or by a spouse if independent, whose total annual income is not more than the applicable amount listed in the income eligibility table.

  2. Exceptions:

    Reference to the household income scale need not be made if the student falls into one of the following categories, and documentation is available:
  1. The student's family is the recipient of: (1) Family Assistance Program Aid; or (2) Safety Net Assistance through the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, or a county department of social services; or (3) family day-care payments through the New York State Office of Children and Family Services Assistance, or a county department of social services; (4) receiving reduced or free lunch in school
  2. The student is a ward of the State or a county.


Number of Dependents 2014-15
1 $21,590
2 $29,101
3 $36,612
4 $44,123
5 $51,634
6 $59,145
7 $66,656*

*Add $7,511 for each family member in excess of 7.

Note on Documentation of Economic Eligibility:

CEYE prefers reduced or free lunch documentation as proof of disadvantaged status.

What if I am a student applicant that is not from an underrepresented or disadvantaged background?

Subject to funding and availability, CEYE may consider non-URM and non-DA applicants. Please be advised that these limited slots are extremely competitive and are outside of our primary target population.

Summer Program Application [PDF]

Students may apply to more than one program. Please rank your preferences in "program of interest" line.

A completed application includes:

  • Full response to each item line
  • Consent forms and Medical Clearance Form
  • Copy of your latest transcript
  • At least 1 letter of recommendation from a science teacher, math teacher and/or other appropriate professional
  • Essay

Essay Expectations:

  • 600-800 words, double-spaced
  • Introduce yourself and elaborate on how you see this program furthering your future career goals. 
  • Please share your passion, dedication and demonstrated interest in the sciences.

All items are to be submitted together. If a document is not included, please include a note of explanation and the date it can be expected. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Send documents to:

Attn: Alyson Davis, MSW
The Center for Excellence in Youth Education
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
One Gustave L. Levy Place - Box 1250
New York, NY 10029

For questions, contact Alyson Davis by email. Programs will run June 30, 2015 through August 7, 2015. No more than two absences will be allowed.

Contact Us

Alyson Davis, MSW
Program Manager
Center for Excellence in Youth Education
Housed in the Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs

Tel: 212-241-7655
Fax: 212-348-1059
Email: Alyson.Davis@mssm.edu

Mailing Address:

The Center for Excellence in Youth Education
One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1250
New York, NY 10029

Office Location:

Annenberg Building
12th floor, Room 35/36
1468 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10029

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