Mentoring Leaders

Junior faculty will participate in structured mentoring programs that foster productivity, enhance faculty satisfaction and stimulate career development. While participation is voluntary, the involvement of all targeted junior faculty will be strongly encouraged. All senior faculty are expected to serve as mentors and may be called upon to mentor junior faculty with primary appointments both within and outside of their primary department.

In support of this mission and vision, each department will either appoint a mentoring leader or will assign a senior faculty member specific responsibility for creating, implementing and tracking a mentoring and career development program within the department. The appointed individual will be expected to use the institutional framework as a starting point for developing a plan tailored to the specific needs of his/her department. For guidelines on how to develop a departmental mentoring program please click here. Departments that already have mentoring programs in place should ensure that those programs adhere to the basic tenets set forth in the institutional plan. Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Identifying senior faculty to serve as mentors
  • Ensuring that targeted junior faculty are successful in forming mentoring committees
  • Performing ongoing data collection to assess effectiveness of mentoring activities
  • Preparing an annual summary of mentoring activities and their impact on faculty
  • Recognizing senior faculty for outstanding mentorship
  • Representing their department or institute on the Mentoring Leaders Committee

In recognition of the close identification that many faculty have to a multidisciplinary institute at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, on a case-by-case basis it may be determined that an institute rather than a department will take primary responsibility for developing a mentoring plan for a junior faculty member. In such cases, there must be a clear understanding between the institute and the primary academic department of which entity will be accountable.

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