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Department Mentoring Leaders (sometimes called Vice Chairs for Mentoring) are an invaluable resource for junior faculty and are vital to the success of the department's faculty mentoring program. For junior faculty members who aren't sure how to initiate finding a mentor within their department, Mentoring Leaders can help them begin this process by generating ideas, finding common interests, and then reaching out to colleagues that match mentee needs. Furthermore, the Office of Academic Development and Enrichment (OADE) relies upon Mentoring Leaders to:

  • Disseminate information on events from OADE relating to mentoring, career development, and other opportunities for junior faculty;
  • Recommend junior faculty for events and workshop opportunities;
  • Receive and review survey results from OADE's "Pulse Check" surveys that track junior faculty mentoring success;
  • Provide OADE with insight into how we can better address the unmet needs of junior faculty through programming, events, and distributing materials.

In addition, OADE conducts "Pulse Check" surveys of junior faculty to gain greater insight into their experience as new faculty members at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Pule Checks are voluntary, short questionnaires administered to recently hired junior faculty. All answers are held in confidence, and the anonymized data is shared with department Mentoring Leaders to help them better serve their faculty.

Each department has customized the role of Mentoring Leader to fit their specific needs. Some Mentoring Leaders, especially in smaller departments, serve on the mentoring committees of their department's junior faculty. In larger departments, the Mentoring Leader plays more of an overseer role, ensuring that junior faculty members find primary mentors within the department in a timely fashion.

OADE welcomes feedback and event ideas from Mentoring Leaders. If you have a topic you would like to see addressed at an OADE event, please reach out to

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