Human Resources Documents

Salaried Appointments* (New Hires): The following forms must be attached when submitting academic appointment paperwork

  • PSM-100 [XLS]
    All applicable departmental, financial and budgetary approvals must be obtained before submission to the Appointments and Promotions Office.

  • Faculty Applicant Tracking Sheet
    Required in accordance with federal Affirmative Action Guidelines. Name, gender and ethnic code of all candidates interviewed must be listed. This is required for all new appointments of salaried faculty (including part-time).

  • Direct Deposit Form

  • *For Faculty on Visas, please contact the International Personnel Office.

Non-Salaried New Appointments (voluntary, adjuncts, and full-time Affiliate based faculty)

Termination Paperwork** (Salaried only) - These terminations are now done in HRTS

  • Resignation/Termination of faculty appointment

  • Full-Time Faculty transitioning to Part-Time Status

**Please also review the section Procedure for Title Change or Status Change

Terminating Non-Salaried Appointments: