Summary of Required Documents

  Full-Time & Part-Time Salaried Faculty MSSM Voluntary, other non-salaried faculty titles and all faculty based at Elmhurst, QHC and BVA
Junior Appointment with Offer Letter signed by Dean

Junior Appointment without Offer Letter

Associate Professor, Professor and Tenure

Promotions and
Appointment Promotion
Academic Documents:
Transmittal Sheet  
Chair Statement  
Curriculum Vitae
Affidavit & Acknowledgment    
Invention/Copyright Agreement    

Preliminary Disclosure Form:

(Required for paid faculty) - Forward directly to Terence Beck at the address indicated on the form or via e-mail.


Reviewer Nominee Form & Instructions

(Required only for Professor, Associate Professor and Tenure candidates)

Selected Publications 

(Required only for Professor, Associate Professor and Tenure candidates)

Human Resources Documents:


Department administration & financial signatures (if applicable) required on the PSM-100.

Faculty Applicant Tracking Form      

Direct Deposit Form

Please send completed form directly to the following e-mail address:

Pay Selection Form      

I-9: Processed on corporate screening website:

New Administrators - Please contact Human Resources to obtain access.

Tip: As soon as offer is accepted, send the invitation to the recruit to complete Section One of the I-9.


New Hire Data Sheet

(Required only for non-salaried faculty)