Free Days

Full-time faculty are entitled to four free days per year.* Faculty should submit free day requests sufficiently in advance to their respective Department Chair or designee so that each request can be confirmed to be consistent with the department’s academic schedule and teaching, clinical, research and administrative responsibilities.

Faculty who are hired after the beginning of the year will be eligible for a prorated number of free days during that year.

Part-time faculty must be employed at least .2FTE to earn free days. The number of free days for which they are eligible will be a prorated portion of the full-time free day entitlement and will be based on their FTE.

*Departments may track days on either a calendar year (January-December) or academic year (July-June)

Note: All benefits and programs are subject to change from time to time in accordance with institutional policy. A full policy description is available on the intranet.

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