Full-Time Faculty Appointments

The following academic appointments to the faculty of Icahn School of Medicine are available to full-time employees of Icahn School of Medicine.

Faculty in the Investigator Track, the Clinician and/or Educator Track, the Research Track and the Practice Track are expected to possess doctoral degrees and to have completed their academic training.  Doctoral degrees include Doctor of Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatric Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Osteopathy, Jurisprudence, Public Health, Science, Social Work, and Philosophy (PhD). Under exceptional circumstances, a Department Chair may recommend an individual for appointment who lacks a doctoral degree but otherwise fulfills the qualifications for appointment. Any recommendation by a Department Chair of an individual without a doctoral degree for appointment to the position of Instructor or higher ranks will be subject to the approval of the Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Tenure.

All appointments and promotions made at the discretion of the Chair will require verification and written documentation of credentials by the Chair.