Transitional Career Development Award in Women's Health Research

The NIH invites applications for the Transitional Career Development Award in Women's Health Research. This award is designed to support career development experiences leading to independence for clinical investigators interested in patient-oriented or population-based research related to women's health. The career development program will provide an opportunity for investigators to develop solid clinical research skills during two years of study and research within the environment of the NIH Intramural Research Programs (IRP). The award will also include a follow-on two-year period of salary and research support at an academic institution of the candidate's choice. This period of extramural support will facilitate the transition to independence as a clinical researcher specializing in research issues related to women's health.

Funding for the Intramural segment is provided by a grant from Pfizer Women's Health to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health. The two additional years of grant support, at $175,000 per year, is provided by the NIH Office of Women's Health Research (ORWH). Pfizer and ORWH will provide sufficient funds for two awards, but additional awards may be supported by the participating NIH institutes and centers.

The program announcement is available in the NIH Guide at


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