Neuroanesthesia Division

The Division of Neuroanesthesia provides care for approximately 1,200 neurosurgical cases per year. Currently there are four dedicated neurosurgical operating rooms in which a wide variety of operations are performed. Procedures range from spinal surgery for herniated disks and tumors, to intracranial tumors and cerebrovascular operations. The Mount Sinai Department of Neurosurgery has developed a national and international reputation for pituitary and neuroendocrine operations, skull base surgery, and major spine procedures. Its position in surgical treatment of cerebrovascular disorders, endoscopic neurosurgery, and surgical treatment of movement disorders and Parkinson's disease is expanding.

The Division of Neuroanesthesia has formed active collaborations for clinical research with the Department of Neurosurgery in order to enhance patient safety and improve patient care. We have concurrently monitored motor and somatosensory evoked potentials in more than 600 patients undergoing spinal cord/spinal column operations over the past year and reported the first use of adenosine-induced asystole to facilitate the surgical management of a basilar tip aneurysm.

Other research and academic interests of the current division members include anesthesia equipment and delivery systems, use of video-laryngoscopy and other airway devices, anesthesia simulators, strategies for selective hypothermic cerebral and organ protection, and techniques for intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring. We are pleased to offer one CA-4 fellowship position. Dr. Irene Osborn serves as Division Director for the Department of Anesthesiology Neuroanesthesia Division. Dr. Stacie Deiner serves as education director and research coordinator.

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