Emergency Medicine Division of Simulation

The launch of the Simulation Teaching and Research Center (STAR Center) in May 2014 marked a turning point in our division. We have now matched our world class educators and cutting edge programs with a state-of-the-art simulation center.  In our first year, we have had 1,600 learner visits to the center. All 600 medical students in the Icahn School of Medicine come through our center at least once per year. Emergency Medicine residents of all levels come to the center for small group and individual sessions created in line with their conference curriculum and flexing to the needs of each learner. Even our faculty visit the center regularly for the opportunity to learn and grow. We focus on our learners, with small groups, a flexible curriculum, and a teaching style using experiential learning and deliberate practice that puts the learner first.

We continue to advance the field of medical education as well as with novel curricula and research on simulation and its impact. We are also dedicated to advancing the field of medicine, using simulation to study other things, such as resuscitation devices and techniques.

Star Spotlight

The STAR Center was built on a vision. Our vision is to support our learners through customized experiential medical education recognizing that medicine, and therefore, medical education, is an ever changing art and science.

Simulation in Residency

The Star Center has created “perfect practice” environments for our residents. Small group simulation has been incorporated into the curriculum for the Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine Residents.

Teaching the Teachers

Because of a generous grant by our malpractice insurer, the STAR Center team is part of a unique multi-institutional effort to bring simulation to our Emergency Medicine Department Faculty.

STAR Center

Discover the most disruptive technologies and advanced high fidelity immersive learning environments in medical education impacting leading healthcare professionals. Supercharge your medical education with the newest ideas and redesign and optimize the way you learn through STAR Center customized experiences.

Division of Simulation
Department of Emergency Medicine
Mount Sinai Health System
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Meet the Director

Dr. Christopher Strother, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Assistant Professor of Medical Education, is the Director of the Simulation Teaching and Research Center. He is also the Director of Undergraduate Simulation for the Icahn School of Medicine. He is known regionally and nationally for his simulation expertise and has held leadership positions in education and simulation groups of the AAP, SAEM and SSIH.