Basic Research Opportunities

 Field  Topic  Faculty Preceptor
 Gastrointestinal Oncology  Pathobiology of trefoils in GI cancer  Steven Itzkowitz
 Mucosal Immunity  Epithelial cells in IBD  Lloyd Mayer
 Mucosal Immunity  Mucosal cytokines in IBD  Lloyd Mayer
 Mucosal Immunity  HIV and the gut  Saurabh Mehandru
 Mucosal Immunity  Role of gp180 in IBD  Vera Denmark
 Hepatology  Hepatic fibrosis- mechanisms  Scott Friedman
 Hepatology  Transcription factors in liver disease  Scott Friedman
 Hepatology  Metalloproteinases in liver disease  Meena Bansal
 Hepatology  HCV/HIV co-infection and fibrosis  Meena Bansal
 Hepatology  Immunological liver disease  Joseph Odin
 Hepatology  Dendritic cells in the liver  Costica Aloman
 Hepatology  Novel antigens of hepatitis C virus  Andrea Branch
 Hepatology  The vitamin D axis in liver disease  Andrea Branch
 Hepatology  Alcoholic liver disease  Natalia Nieto

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