Clinical Research Opportunities

 Field  Topic  Faculty Preceptor
 Inflammatory Bowel  Disease  Novel immunomodulatory  agents/IBD Bruce Sands
Lloyd Mayer
Thomas Ullman
David Sachar
Daniel Present
Asher Kornbluth
Simon Lichtiger
 Inflammatory Bowel  Disease  Epidemiology and  Outcomes Thomas Ullman
Bruce Sands
Ben Cohen
 Inflammatory Bowel  Disease  Ileal pouchitis - therapy,  natural history  David Sachar
 James Aisenberg
 Joel Bauer
 Gastrointestinal oncology  Cancer in IBD  Thomas Ullman
 Steven Itzkowitz
 David Sachar
 Peter Rubin
 Daniel Present
 James Marion
 Jerome Waye
 Gastrointestinal oncology  Stool DNA testing
 High-risk colon cancer  syndromes
 CRC screening  disparities
Steven Itzkowitz
Aimee Lucas
Brijen Shah
 Gastrointestinal oncology  Neuroendocrine Tumors  Richard Warner
 Michelle Kim
Gastrointestinal Oncology   Pancreatic cancer and pancreatic cancer epidemiology Aimee Lucas
 Endoscopic Research  Barrett’s  esophagus/adenoca
 Novel endoscopic  imaging techniques
 Sharmila Anandasabapathy
 Endoscopic Research  Novel cautery imaging  techniques  Jerome Waye
 Endoscopic Research  Chromoendoscopy in IBD  James Marion
 Endoscopic Research  Capsule endoscopy  Blair Lewis
 Peter Legnani
 Endoscopic Research  Double balloon  enteroscopy  Blair Lewis
 Endoscopic Research  Biliary endoscopy Christopher DiMaio
Peter Legnani
Susana Gonzalez
 Endoscopic Research  Endoscopic  ultrasound/pancreatic  cysts  Michelle Kim
Christopher DiMaio
Endoscopic Research    Endoscopic ultrasound/ novel tissue acquisition techniques Christopher DiMaio
Endoscopic Research    Endoscopic ultrasound-guided tumor therapy Christopher DiMaio
 Motility Disorders  Pelvic floor dysfunction;  incontinence Suzanne Rose
Eric Goldstein
 Motility Disorders  Esophageal motility  disorders  Barry Jaffin
 Larry Cohen
 Motility Disorders  Spinal cord injury
 Gastric and small  intestinal motility
 Mark Korsten
 Nutrition Disorders  Small intestinal  transplantation  Lauren Schwartz
 Gerald Friedman
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome  New therapeutic agents  Sita Chokhavatia
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome  Combined  medical/psychological rx  Charles Gerson
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome  Novel probiotic therapies  Gerald Friedman
 Hepatology  Therapy of hepatitis C  virus
 HIV/HCV co-infection
 Douglas Dieterich
 Hepatology  Liver transplantation  Thomas Schiano
 Hepatology  Primary biliary cirrhosis  Scott Friedman
 Hepatology  Immune liver disease  Joseph Odin


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