Division Overview

The Mount Sinai Division of Nephrology is dedicated to the advancement in the knowledge and understanding of renal disease, its development, the progression, treatment, and prevention. Our faculty is at the forefront of research and patient care in the field of Nephrology. We continue in the tradition of Alfred P. Fishman and Irving Kroop, who conducted the first hemodialysis in the United States at Mount Sinai in 1947. Our faculty include leading experts in basic and clinical research areas such as:

  • Renal development
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • HIV-associated nephropathy
  • Diabetic renal disease
  • Hypertensive renal disease
  • Gene therapy
  • Transplantation
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Hemodialysis. 

Our division is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in patient care through the improvement of the understanding of disease processes, and the development of new strategies in the treatment of individuals with renal disease.

The advancement of science is dependent upon a commitment to education. Recognized nationally for its training, our three-year fellowship program gives fellows the opportunity to acquire a solid training in the care of patients with renal diseases, and in basic or clinical research. Members of the faculty are nationally and internationally known for their teaching abilities in nephrology. It is only through the education of subsequent generations that advancement in medicine may be ensured.

Our clinical program is one of the largest in the region with a large dialysis program, a home dialysis program, and a transplant program performing both renal and pancreas transplants. The outcomes from each of these programs are excellent and above national averages. In addition, we provide state of the art care through our active consultative service for patients with renal disease, renal stones, and hypertension. We have initiated an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor service and a new program in Geriatric Renal Medicine, one of the only programs in the country. We aim to bring the latest advances in medical care to the bedside.

The Mount Sinai Division of Nephrology is devoted to patient care, scientific achievement, and medical education. It is our hope that through our efforts, and those of other like-minded nephrologists and scientists, that we may help stem the tide of the increasing burden of renal disease within the United States, and improve the care and outlook for those already affected.

Chief's Report

The Division of Nephrology, led by John He, MD, PhD, aims to be a leader in patient care, clinical and basic research, and education. Read More.