Program Faculty

A diverse faculty has been integrated into the program from the:

  • Cardiovascular Institute and Center for Cardiovascular Health
  • Center for Immunobiology
  • Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute

and the Departments of:

  • Gene and Cell Medicine
  • Oncological Sciences
  • Human Genetics
  • Medicine (including Nephrology, Hematology and Medical Oncology, Liver Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology, and General Medicine)
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pediatrics (including Nephrology, Liver Diseases, and Infectious Diseases)
  • Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry
  • Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 

In addition, two outstanding physician scientists, one from Rockefeller University, and one from Yale University School of Medicine, participate in this training grant.

Adhesion Molecules and Matrix
Friedman, Scott L., M.D., Medicine/Liver Diseases
Masur, Sandra K., Ph.D., Ophthalmology

Developmental Stem Cell Biology
Baron, Margaret H., Ph.D., Medicine/Hematology and Medical Oncology
Bromberg, Jonathan S., M.D., Ph.D., Gene and Cell Medicine, Surgery
Keller, Gordon, Ph.D., Gene and Cell Medicine
Licht, Jonathan D., M.D., Medicine/Hematology and Medical Oncology
Wilson, Patricia D., M.D., Ph.D., Medicine/Nephrology

Desnick, Robert J., M.D., Ph.D., Gene and Cell Medicine
Gharavi, Ali, M.D., (Columbia University)
Lifton, Richard P., M.D., Ph.D. (Yale University)
Lipkowitz, Michael S., M.D., Medicine/Nephrology

Immunology Transplant
Bromberg, Jonathan S., M.D., Ph.D., Gene and Cell Medicine, Surgery
Mayer, Lloyd, M.D., Immunobiology
Murphy, Barbara, M.D., Medicine/Nephrology

Molecular Basis of Transport
Klotman, Paul, M.D., Medicine/Nephrology
Krulwich, Terry A., Ph.D., Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry
Lipkowitz, Michael S., M.D., Medicine/Nephrology
Logothetis, Diomedes E., Ph.D., Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Satlin, Lisa M., M.D., Pediatrics
Suchy, Frederick J., M.D., Pediatrics

Vascular Biology
Coller, Barry S., M.D. (Rockefeller University)

Virology and Gene Therapy
Gusella, G. Luca, Ph.D., Medicine/Nephrology
Herold, Betsy, M.D., Pediatrics
Klotman, Mary E., M.D., Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Klotman, Paul, M.D., Medicine/Nephrology
Winston, Jonathan, M.D., Medicine/Nephrology
Woo, Savio L.C., Ph.D., Gene and Cell Medicine