The Mount Sinai Hospital is located on the border of East Harlem, a community that has historically drawn new immigrants to New York City which creates a highly diverse population. The majority of East Harlem residents today belong to ethnic or racial groups that have traditionally been under-represented in medicine. We want our physicians, who provide exceptional care to that community, to also reflect its diversity.

Training future leaders to address racial and ethnic disparities within medicine expands Mount Sinai’s and the department’s talent pool and helps improve health care access, quality of care, and health policy for underserved communities.
To accomplish our goals, and acknowledging the fundamental right to equal opportunity, we need to attract those who historically have had difficulty entering the medical professions.

The Department of Medicine’s aggressive agenda for diversity goes beyond recruitment. Programmatic innovations focus on enhancing professional experiences and growth for our faculty and house staff members from underrepresented minorities.

Research opportunities are available to address health care disparities, public policy, and issues in cultural competencies. Mount Sinai’s Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs provides extensive resources to help underrepresented minorities take the next steps in career development after their residencies are completed.


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