The Eugen Grabscheid Vocology Mentorship Program


Vocology and vocal pedagogy are two fields with a common goal but very different tools sets. These disciplines would each benefit from a greater collaboration between their practitioners. Rather than trying to make voice teachers out of vocologists, or voice scientists out of voice teachers, this mentorship will offer the opportunity for collaborative and complimentary approaches to helping voice students improve their singing and acting abilities.


This program provides one person with an intensive overview of the tools used by medical voice professionals. This will include stroboscopy, acoustic analysis, Voice Range Profiles, and treatment protocols. The mentee will learn the biomechanics of the human voice, voice pathologies and dysphonias, as well as surgical, behavioral and tissue modification treatment paradigms. Observation of evaluations and treatment sessions will be a core part of this program. There will be three sessions per week for four weeks during which time the mentee will observe and work with Dr. Kenneth Altman, laryngologist, and Daniel McCabe, DMA vocologist.

Target mentees

The Grabscheid Mentorship Program’s aim is to foster a greater knowledge and practice of collaborative and complimentary work between voice teachers and vocologists in working with professional voice users such as singers and actors. We are looking for persons who are already knowledgeable on vocal anatomy, pedagogic techniques, and have the express desire to teach. These mentees will serve as leaders in their fields, sharing with others the perspectives of complimentary collaboration they have taken from this program. Highly motivated masters or doctoral students, or young professional teachers are encouraged to contact us with inquiries.

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