Otolaryngology Residency Program Teaching Hospitals

The Mount Sinai Hospital

The design and implementation of Mount Sinai's training programs aim to enrich the teaching experience, foster continuity of care, and encourage the instruction of interpersonal skills, professionalism, and system-based practice. The organization of the teaching service has been successful in encouraging mentorship and teaching residents the basics as well as the nuances of managing both inpatients and outpatients.

Residents rotate at Mount Sinai each year of their training. Attending physicians conduct daily morning rounds, for which the entire resident staff are present. During the morning teaching rounds, a resident presents each ward patient to the attending. Following the presentation and attending examination, the attending highlights teaching points and reviews and discusses instructive clinical findings with the group.

Furthermore, each resident is assigned to a specific attending in a type of "apprenticeship" arrangement, rotating through all the subspecialties of otolaryngology (head and neck surgery, laryngology, pediatric otolaryngology, otology/neurotology, and facial plastic surgery). In this apprenticeship, the resident works directly with the attending in the operating room and during patient office hours.

The Mount Sinai Hospital, a 1,100-bed facility and long recognized as one of the leading teaching hospitals in the world, is the cornerstone of Icahn School of Medicine. The hospital and medical school are located on one campus on Manhattan's vibrant Upper East Side. The campus location fronts Central Park from 98th to 102nd Streets at Fifth Avenue and is in the heart of New York's famed Museum Mile.

Elmhurst Hospital Center

Elmhurst Hospital is a 531-bed municipal hospital in the borough of Queens, providing services to approximately one million people of perhaps the most ethnically mixed community in the world. Elmhurst Hospital is a Level I trauma center, with a consequent large volume of patients with blunt and penetrating head and neck injuries treated by the otolaryngology service.

The teaching service at Elmhurst Hospital is conducted by daily morning rounds during which the resident staff rounds on each patient and reviews the management of ward patients and new admissions. Attending staff review management plans in the morning, and conduct walk-rounds later in the day. Challenging cases undergo bedside physical examination with teaching points and highlights and instructive clinical findings. Teaching conferences, conducted weekly, explore challenging cases in detail and review the current literature.

Queens Hospital

Since the turn of the century, Queens Hospital Center, a 292-bed municipal facility, has provided a range of services to the Southeast and Central Queens community. It serves a diverse population of approximately 1 million people. Here the close interaction between the resident and the attending on the otolaryngology service fosters a strong mentorship and an opportunity for one-on-one instruction. The resident attends all of the educational conferences that conducted at Elmhurst and Mount Sinai Hospitals.

James J. Peters Veteran's Affairs Medical Center

The James J. Peters VA Medical Center is a 378-bed facility located in the Bronx and serves as a major regional referral center. The teaching service is conducted through daily patient rounds and the daily interaction between the resident and attending during clinic and in the operating room. The allergy clinic enriches the teaching service by, providing residents with an opportunity to learn basic allergy assessment and immunotherapy, as well as a hearing and balance center.

St. Barnabas Hospital - Bronx

The service at St. Barnabas focuses on facial trauma experience, offering our residents close ties to the Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery team. The daily attending conducts rounds with the OMFS service, and afternoon clinics occur three times a week, at which time our residents gain experience with outpatient dental management and post-operative trauma management. When the service is not busy with trauma-related activities, our resident participates with ENT Clinic twice a week, and inpatient consults throughout the week.

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