Fellowship Training Program in Pediatric Nephrology

Evaluation Procedures

As the position of the trainee involves a combination of supervised, progressively more complex and independent functions (both clinical and research) and formal educational activities, the competence of the trainee is assessed regularly at six-month intervals by those faculty members responsible for his/her supervision in both clinical and research rotations. An evaluation form is completed by each faculty member, and the responses are discussed by members of the Division at scheduled faculty meetings. Soon after, the Chief meets with the fellow to review the overall evaluation; at this meeting, the trainee is offered the opportunity to provide written comments and/or rebuttals. The confidential evaluation records for each resident, accessible to the resident and other authorized personnel, are retained on file in the divisional offices. At yearly intervals, each resident is asked to complete an evaluation form designed to assess each member of the faculty and the educational experience. The Chief then summarizes the information gained from the individual evaluations to provide overall feedback to individual faculty members; at no time are individual evaluations by a single resident identified. The Chief and faculty member discuss the information synthesized from the evaluations in a yearly meeting