SBDT Graduate Student Retreat

The graduate students associated with the Systems Biology of Disease and Therapeutics training program give presentations at this half-day retreat that includes questions/answers, faculty feedback and open discussion. The retreat concludes with an awards ceremony for the best presentation given by a SBDT graduate student. 

2012 Retreat Flyer [PDF]
2011 Retreat Flyer [PDF]

Graduate Student Presentations 2011

An Extended Dynamical Regulatory Network for Pluripotency and Self-renewal of Embryonic Stem Cells
Huilei Xu (Ma'ayan Laboratory)

Temporal Pattern of STAT3 Activation Codes for Specific Cytokine Responses
David Braun (Sealfon Laboratory)

The Role of SDF-1a in Hepatic Inflammation and Fibrosis
Yedidya Saiman (Bansal and Friedman Laboratories)

Wicking: A Novel Technique for Inserting Ion Channels into Planar Lipid Bilayers
Justin Costa (Hanss Laboratory)

Genomic Approaches to Study Diabetic Kidney Disease Susceptibility in Murine Model Systems
Haiying Qi (Bottinger Laboratory)

Uptake of Particles into Drosophila Adult Pericardial Nephrocytes
Jay Pendse (Cagan Laboratory)

Gonadotropin Subunit Expression Specificity is Achieved by Differential Activity of G proteins and Autocrine Factor Release
Soon Gang Choi (Sealfon Laboratory)

Windows into the Brain: In Vivo Imaging of Neurodegeneration
Sarah Crowe (Ellis-Davies Laboratory)