Experimental Therapeutics Institute

The Experimental Therapeutics Institute (ETI) serves as the interdisciplinary institutional platform for the development of new drugs, devices, and intellectual property that grow out of Mount Sinai’s basic and clinical research programs. This Institute provides a range of emerging and established technologies to Mount Sinai researchers that enable the translation of basic biological mechanisms into therapeutics. The services provided by the Institute include high-throughput screening of chemical libraries, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and computation and systems pharmacology.



Systems Biology Center New York

The Systems Biology Center New York (SBCNY) is one of the National Centers for Systems Biology funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS). SBCNY is a trans-disciplinary center that uses systems approaches to study pathophysiological processes and drug action. We are a highly collaborative group of researchers both basic and clinical, and educators from several universities in the New York area. Center investigators have expertise in genomics, biochemistry and molecular biology, proteomics, in cell biology and visualization of signaling reactions live cells, in tissue/organ physiology and pathophysiology, clinical imaging and in pharmacology. At the computational level we have expertise in statistical models, graph-theory network based analyses, mathematical biology and dynamical modeling including ODE, PDE and stochastic models.  Melding the expertise of various disciplines we work at various scales of biological organization to make substantive contributions to the emerging fields of systems pharmacology and precision medicine. Software, databases and data generated by the Systems Biology Center New York are publicly available, and research findings are described in the Center's publications.



Experimental Therapeutics Institute

eti spotlightETI is a hub for the development of drugs, devices, and intellectual property that result from Mount Sinai's basic and clinical research programs. Read More