School Based Health Centers

Rotation Director: Leon Hoffman, MD

The West End Day School is comprised of children from age four to 12, equally split between males and females, of varied socioeconomic status and from varied ethnic groups. However, most of the students are Caucasian middle class children. The diagnoses that the fellow will encounter are learning disabilities of every type, ADHD, developmental disabilities, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, mood disorders and psychotic disorders. Treatments provided include occupational therapy, speech therapy, small group therapy, psychoeducation, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, psychopharmacologic therapy and music therapy. The fellow will gain experience in providing consultation to a community-based school for children with behavioral and emotional problems. They will develop clinical skills in working with this special population through classroom observation and participation in psychiatric evaluation and treatment assessment under direct attending supervision. The fellow is exposed to how to interview children with special educational needs, provide psychiatric evaluations of children and develop comprehensive treatment plans, interact and collaborate with the school-based team and make clinical appropriate referrals to a variety of settings. This experience follows a consultation model, providing observations and recommendations to personnel in a non-medical setting. They also learn to work with principals and see curriculum planning and educators in action. Each week, the fellow spends at least one hour every session in the classroom observing 2-3 children who will be discussed in the interdisciplinary team meeting. 

The rotation director meets with the fellow to discuss clinical issues concerning school consultation and review the literature on this subject. The fellow on this rotation has the opportunity to observe educators and their role in a treatment plan, to see active collaboration between educators and psychiatrists, classroom interventions, a senior skilled interviewer completes both psychiatric evaluations and clinical cognitive evaluations, and psychiatrists working in a non-medical setting. The fellow has the opportunity to work with an educational team consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, educators, principals, and nurses, and to see the various roles that individuals in each discipline play in assessment, treatment planning, and treatment execution in a school setting.

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