Mood and Personality Disorders Fellowship

The Special Evaluation Program for Mood and Personality Disorders offers research in a variety of techniques and areas, including imaging (fMRI, PET, MRS), behavioral genetics, family studies, endocrinology and pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment studies. The research group is particularly interested in elucidating the underlying neurobiology of personality dimensions such as impulsivity, aggression, cognition, and affective instability with the goal of improving treatment outcomes.

Fellows will have the opportunity to select a specific track with primary mentorship by one of the faculty members in the group, but will have exposure to all components of the research program which allows for an integrative experience.

Faculty: Larry Siever, MD, Antonia New, MD, Marianne Goodman, MD, Harold Koenigsberg, MD, Janine Flory, PhD

Fellowship Description and Goals

  • To train clinician-researchers in the field of personality disorders
  • To gain expertise in the phenomenological characterization of personality disorders
  • To develop skills to become independent researchers

To apply for this program, please download the common House Staff Application Form [PDF].


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