Frequently Asked Questions by Applicants

Do you accept residents outside the Match?
Not typically, although at times we have done so. We do not actively seek applicants outside the match; therefore, we highly recommend that you apply to our program through ERAS.

Do you accept International Medical Graduates?
Yes, we do accept IMG applications through ERAS. However, acceptance into our program for both American and International graduates is highly competitive.

Which visas do you accept?
J1 and H1.

Is a passing USMLE STEP I score required for an interview?

Is a passing USMLE STEP II score required for an interview?
No. However, we do require a passing grade prior to matriculation.

Are there cutoff scores for the program?
No, we do not have strict cutoff scores; we prefer to evaluate the applicant more thoroughly. However, as mentioned above, we do require passing grades on board exams prior to matriculation.

Is there an age cutoff?

Is there a graduation date cutoff?
Yes. Five Years.

Do you offer observerships or externships for applicants from international medical schools?

Do you require previous psychiatric experience, either within or outside the United States?
No, we do not require such experience. But as we have noted above, our program is extremely competitive.

We are available by telephone or e-mail should you have additional inquiries.

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