James J. Peters VA Medical Center

Located in the Bronx, the James J. Peters VA Medical Center is the oldest VA Medical Center in New York City, operating as a hospital serving our veterans since 1921. Today, it is a Level 1 Clinical Referral Tertiary Care Center housed in a modern building with 311 hospital beds with an adjoining 120-bed nursing home facility. In addition, it is one of only 10 VA Medical Centers in the country designated by Congress as a Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center (MIRECC), providing Mount Sinai residents with unique research opportunities in areas as wide-ranging as psychosis, mood and personality disorders, PTSD, and suicide.

Residents begin their experience at the Bronx VA in the PGY-2 year, rotating three months on the inpatient psychiatry service, one month on the consultation liaison service and a month in the outpatient supportive recovery services for substance addiction. In the inpatient setting, residents are exposed to a broad range of psychiatric diagnoses, learning about PTSD, substance abuse, psychosis, suicide prevention and mood disorders in a unique population. Residents on the consult liaison service have the opportunity to treat a wide range of psychiatric issues encountered on the medical floors, including working with patients on the spinal cord injury service, evaluating delirium and capacity on the medical floors, and often collaborating with other services in treating rare and complicated cases. In addition, PGY-2 residents take overnight and weekend call at the Bronx VA, gaining valuable experience as independent clinicians evaluating patients in the emergency setting as well as on the medical floors as a consulting physician. During their month of seeing patients in supportive recovery services, residents get exposure to various types of recovery groups, are trained in motivational interviewing, and gain valuable skills in outpatient medication management for substance addiction and recovery.

In the PGY-3 and PGY-4 years, some residents may choose to establish their outpatient bases at the James J. Peters VAMC. Residents continue to see a wide range of psychiatric diagnoses, while having the opportunity to work in a unique medical system with extensive outpatient psychiatric resources that are often unavailable to patients in the private healthcare system. PGY-3 residents based at the Bronx VA treat both adult and geriatric outpatients, while returning to the Mount Sinai campus for child and adolescent clinic. Residents may also see patients for CBT, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy and family therapy at the Bronx VA.

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