Our Educational Philosophy

Mount Sinai is a unique place to learn how to become a 21st century psychiatrist. We have a top notch faculty which covers the broad field that psychiatry has become. From our outstanding physician/neuroscientists at the Friedman Brain Institute, to our clinical researcher physicians who are leading efforts to develop novel therapeutics for refractory mental illnesses, to our expert physician psychotherapists who will show you how to help patients learn to manage and overcome their intrapsychic pain, Mount Sinai faculty members will be here to teach you. Mount Sinai is truly unusual in that people from these divergent fields meet one another regularly, and the conceptual barriers that often separate “biological” models of mental illness from “mind” or “psychodynamic” models of mental illness are regularly broken down here at Mount Sinai.

We expect all residents to gain the knowledge base and clinical skills to practice clinical psychiatry, but we aim for more than that.  The field continues to expand, and practice as a general psychiatrist is in some ways outdated. Especially in an urban setting, a patient often seeks the expert for her/his condition. For a long time, psychiatrists have specialized according to population treated (e.g. geriatric, child) or method of treatment (psychotherapist, psychopharmacologist). However, we at Mount Sinai see the field of psychiatry undergoing a new sort of differentiation—along the lines presaged by medicine and neurology—into subspecialties based on syndrome and/or disease processes (e.g., autism, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, attentional disorders, reward circuitry, etc.). And, as some of the best treatments in psychiatry entail combining high-level psychopharmacology and illness-specific psychotherapy, we seek to train psychiatrists with clear areas of expertise in each.

As in your undergraduate careers, we will encourage you to define a major or area of concentration, and we aim for you to graduate with a level of expertise that will form the foundation for your careers as you go forward to become leaders in the field. As a resident at Mount Sinai, you will have an opportunity to develop individually-tailored educational programs to focus your training in a defined clinical area of interest and develop into a specialist able to provide the most effective, evidence-based treatments for patients in that domain. These skills will be honed through advanced training and mentorship and will provide a basis for your growth into an expert, be it as an academic clinician, researcher, educator, executive, theorist, and/or advocate who brings awareness of mental illness and potential treatments to the public. We strive to provide an open, stimulating, and supportive environment for our residents. Residency education involves hard work, but there is joy and excitement in becoming a psychiatrist, and we intend for these years to be professionally productive and personally fulfilling for you. Welcome to Mount Sinai! We look forward to sharing with you our enthusiasm about the Mount Sinai Residency Program in Psychiatry.

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