Computational Biology Shared Research Facility

The Computational Biology Shared Resource Facility (CB-SRF) has been established in July 2004 with the charter to provide modern and powerful institution-wide computational resources to enable the science performed by its faculty. As biological and biomedical research are entering the stage of multivariate experimentation they become progressively dependent on computational and mathematical approaches. Concurrently, computer technology has become exponentially more powerful moving into a stage where it can support such research enterprise in an effective and sophisticated way. Thus, a shared resource to support computational biology is an essential resource for a first tier medical school.

Location of Equipment: HSO Data Center, in tunnel between the Icahn Institute and Annenberg Building.

Contact Information

Roman Osman, PhD
Scientific Director
Tel: (212) 659-8627

Lynn Kasner Morgan
Administrative Director
Tel: (212) 241-7892

Kevin Kelliher
Systems Administrator
Tel: (212) 241-0493

Contact Kevin Kelliher for questions regarding establishing accounts, general usage or for information on including the facility in grant applications. For more info on structure, operations and usage policies visit

Academic Computing, Box 1102
New York, NY 10029
Tel: (212) 241-0493
Fax: (212) 860-4630