“So many diseases are rooted in malfunctions that occur at the level of cellular gene expression. By understanding cellular communications and interfering and manipulating cellular processes through our new knowledge of the fundamental molecular basis of human health and disease, we could and shall make a significant impact on the prevalence of disease.”

Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD
Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Professor and Chair of the Department of Structural and Chemical Biology, Co-Director of the Experimental Therapeutics Institute, and Professor of Oncological Sciences and of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics

Structural and Chemical Biology holds extraordinary promise for bringing together two interrelated scientific fields to bridge the gap between biomedical research and innovative therapeutic approaches. The greatest challenge in the post genomic era is to translate the information encoded in genes and gene products of the human genome into better understanding of their functions in cellular physiology and pathophysiology, and eventually into new medicine. By enabling scientists to visualize the three-dimensional structure or shape of biological macromolecules, Structural Biology offers powerful approaches to addressing important questions concerning the molecular underpinnings of human biology and disease, ranging from cell signaling to gene expression. Understanding the shape of biological molecules allows one to design novel small chemical molecules that target and study functions of these macromolecules. Such small molecules can help discover new therapeutic targets and be developed into new treatments for human disease.

The Department of Structural and Chemical Biology is committed to providing a nurturing environment for discovery and innovation in basic and translational research of human biology and disease, and for advanced academic training of the next generation of physicians and scientists; and to functioning as a scientific hub for interdisciplinary research to tackle the most challenging problems in biomedical sciences.

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