Surgical Intensive Care Medicine

Excellence and innovation are hallmarks of The Mount Sinai Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU). Since 1970, the division has trained more than 170 critical care specialists (intensivists).The SICU is an intensivist-led multidisciplinary model of care aimed at improving patient outcomes, by providing state-of-the-art care to critically ill patients.

The division is a pioneer in the use of several leading-edge technologies, including goal-directed echocardiography, lung ultrasound and other non-invasive monitoring methods. These technologies are crucial to caring for patients during the most critical period of their post-operative recovery — before their condition has stabilized to the point of transfer to a conventional hospital floor.

Specialized services

Our Central Venous Access Service places more than 1,500 central venous catheters annually in non-ICU patients. About 25 percent of the catheters are peripherally inserted central (PIC) catheters. Our Central Venous Access Service operates out of a dedicated procedure room located within the SICU and is equipped with its own fluoroscopy unit and ultrasound vessel finder probes.

Mount Sinai’s Surgical Nutritional Support Service consists of physicians and nutritionists who manage the nutritional needs of patients throughout the hospital. The team monitors the patients’ condition daily, providing parenteral nutrition and specialized enteral support.

Other services include:

  • Rapid response team. The Hospital’s rapid response team brings critical care expertise to the patient’s bedside. This “ICU without walls” concept has demonstrated improves outcomes.
  • Dialysis. Mount Sinai intensivists have broad expertise in blood purification for the critically ill. Patients with declining or failing kidney function receive gentle, continuous blood cleansing around the clock, a technique the division has perfected over the last 15 years.
  • Clinical trials. The SICU division is involved in a number of clinical trials looking at pharmaceutical and therapeutic techniques to enhance outcomes following intensive care.